Secrets (in Colour)

The Secret Life of Winnie Cox
Secret Life of Winnie Cox
Set in British Guyana at the start of the 20th century, the Secret Life of Winnie Cox provides an insight into the gilded life of the families on the plantations and the struggles and torrid conditions of those who worked for them. 

Absolutely enchanting book full of the struggle between right and wrong, childhood rebellion and family relationships.   Sharon Maas has always been one of my stand-out authors; with The Secret Life of Winnie Cox, she is at her finest. 

A reminder of how far the world has evolved - and yet still has to do, in order for true equality to exist. 

Highly recommended. 5****** (Metropolitan)

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1910, South America. A time of racial tension and poverty. A time where forbidden love must remain a secret.
Winnie Cox lives a privileged life of dances and dresses on her father’s sugar cane plantation. Life is sweet in the kingdom of sugar and Winnie along with her sister Johanna, have neither worries nor responsibilities, they are birds of paradise, protected from the poverty in the world around them. 

But everything can change in a heartbeat… 

When Winnie falls in love with George Quint, the post-office boy, a ‘darkie’ from the other side, she soon finds herself slipping into a double life. And as she withdraws from her family, she discovers a shocking secret about those whom are closest to her. Now, more than ever, Winnie is determined to prove her love for George, whatever price she must pay and however tragic the consequences might be. 

A breath-taking love story of two people fighting to be together, in a world determined to break them apart. 

My thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for the Advance Readers Copy that I received in exchange for a fair and honest review. The Secret Life of Winnie Cox is available from Amazon.  

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