Other Half of my Heart

My eldest child and I are having a bit of a baking-fest at the moment, so when I saw the blurb for this book, it appealed to me instantly.

Bettina is damaged.  Something happened in her past and it is affecting her sort-of-relationship with Rufus, the handsome, rugged next-door-neighbour.  She’s moved away from her family and after a spell in France, has settled in a remote village and set up her bakery “adventures in bread”.  Sounds like a fab place.

Stephanie Butland has woven a lovely heartwarming tale of building relationships out of the ashes of the past and dealing with tragedy.  I was apprehensive when I discovered Rufus was the same Rufus as in another book I’d read (The Secrets We Keep, 3*) but soon overcame this as the links between the stories were irrelevant .

The Other Half of My Heart shows that Stephanie Butland’s writing has developed further; this story unfolded gently but with warmth, interest and none of the melancholy that bothered me in the previous book.

I thought that Stephanie Butland deftly placed clues to Bettina’s past and hinted at what could have happened.  I wasn’t shocked when the pivotal event was “revealed” but it was well-handled and helped turn this into a really enjoyable read.

If you’re after dark, mysterious thrillers, it’s NOT for you.  But if you’re looking for a heartwarming tale, with a bit more substance, in between the heartstopping books, this is one for you!  Worth the read.

MetLine Rating: 4 stars (Piccadilly)

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