Imagine (and cringe!)

  Well written, amusing story that takes place over 5 days at the start of Baxter Bird’s time at the University of Leicester in the early 1970s.

Some slapstick moments and some heart wrenching stories within the story. My only criticism would be that the characters weren’t deeply explored — but on some levels this doesn’t matter. You didn’t really understand why they behaved in the ways they did – especially Truman.I think this would make a great film!

MetLineReader Rating: 4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Piccadilly)

About this book

The party of the sixties is over and what’s left is the hangover. It’s 1973 – a time of riots, picket lines and unemployment. But it’s also a time when you can imagine the stars. Enter the Bird family…

Baxter – the first Bird to go to university. It’s fresher’s week and a new beginning. Except that his troubled past has followed him right into the lecture hall.

Christie – haunted by what’s gone before and held back by heartbreak. But with her son succeeding against the odds perhaps now it’s her turn to follow her dreams?
Truman – an absent father and husband for ten years, he now decides he’s owed a second chance. And to help him on his way he’s found a golden key that will open every door. Or so he believes.

In a story of laughter and tears, Haysom takes us on one family’s journey to achieve their dreams. And shows us that, stronger than every lie and secret in every family, is the love that lies within – and the ability to imagine…


Imagine is written by Mark Haysom and published by Little Brown Book Group UK. I received an advance review copy in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

Imagine is available for purchase on Amazon.


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