Wait?! That’s not MY body!


A very interesting take on the challenges of high-school life and the “joys” of living as a teenager.  Particularly if you went to bed as a boy and woke up as a girl.

I did enjoy the perspectives of the Changers. It felt a bit “cult-ish” but I think that was deliberate– and the boy-as-a-girl and the girl-as-a-boy revelations.

The dynamics between Drew / Chase and Drew /Audrey were great, but I felt that more could have been made of the changes, the weird body sensations and the wider implications of the Changers vs. the Abiders.  Sometimes, the male/female roles were a little contrived and stereotyped, but overall this didn’t detract from the story.

As Drew is book 1 of a series about the Changers, there were a few loose ends that I expect will be picked up through the series:  I would like to see more of the challenges of not being Ethan/Drew/ the next V’s; the changes; his parents relationship and how much they know/aren’t telling him; dealing with Feints, Abiders and Statics; what happens to Ethan and why he can’t live as his original self as his “Mono” (end state person).

In this age of greater acceptance of transgender people, this book could be a great foil to explore the challenges of living in a different body from the one you want to be….

Simply written through the eyes of a teenager, this will resonate particularly well for teens/Young Adult audiences. It would make a good film. It’s most definitely not my usual genre but was interesting and a bit different.

MetLineRating 3.75* (somewhere along the District, Circle and Piccadilly lines)

About this book

Some teenagers worry about who they’ll wake up next to. Others worry about who they’ll wake up as…

Ethan Miller is about to start high school in a brand-new town. He’s finally sporting a haircut he doesn’t hate, has grown two inches since middle school, and can’t wait to try out for the soccer team. At last, everything is looking up in life.

Until the next morning. When Ethan awakens as a girl.

Welcome to the world of Changers.


Changers Book One: Drew is published by Little Brown Book Group on 14th January (today!) and is available for purchase from Amazon.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher and netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions are my own.


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