Spoilt for choice! 

Yesterday saw the publication of four books that I would highly recommend – for very different reasons.  Interestingly, they all involve children – but in very different ways.  I was thrilled to receive advance copies of each book and would hope that there’s something for everyone in this list…

First of all, we have the fabulous Beside Myself by Ann Morgan.  A tale of twins who swap identities regularly – until one refuses to swap back.  A dark tale full of childhood angst, Beside Myself is a intriguing tale of how a childhood game can have very deep repercussions.  For more, see my review So Which One is Which?


Continuing the theme of childhood we have the simply crafted compelling tale of The Return of Norah Wells. Two girls, with the mother who disappeared (Norah Wells) and The Mother Who Stayed. Simply written, with the voices of a six year old and a twelve/thirteen year old, The Return of Norah Wells is another stunner from Virginia MacGregor, the author of the wonderful What Milo Saw.  For more, see my review “What is a Mother?”


Next up is a book which is a little quirky… and won’t be for everyone.  For those whose kids are entering the teen years, Changers, Book One: Drew  is an interesting insight into the challenges of high-school life and the “joys” of living as a teenager.  Particularly if you went to bed as a boy and woke up as a girl.  I could see this as a film/TV series.  If a young-adult / fantasy book with a different take on teen relationships appeals to you, this is worth a read.  For more, see my review Wait?! That’s not MY body!


Finally, and eerily, we have a book with a child at its centre, but for all the wrong reasons. The Widow by Fiona Barton is a tale told from multiple perspectives after the disappearance of a two year old girl, Bella. It’s clear from the outset that the Widow’s husband is a rather unsavoury character. As the story twists and turns, you start to wonder just HOW unsavoury he can be — and also if the story really is the one that’s being painted. I could not put it down, but if you want to know more see my review What does The Widow know?

That should keep you busy for a few days!


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I am obsessed with books.  In fact, I'd rather be reading than doing anything else.   I enjoy trying out new books and new authors; I do like to "mix and match" genres.  I often have access to books before they are published and would welcome the opportunity to review most books... just not horror or sci-fi, please :)