A healthy conscience….



A handy little book that reminds you of the right choices to make.

Full of helpful advice without being “preachy”, this is a good-go-to reference book for those of us who need a gentle nudge in the right direction!

Now I just need to remember to take it with me, this book will be my healthy conscience!

MetLineRating: 4**** Piccadilly

About this book

It’s easy to follow a healthy diet when you’re in control of your shopping list, but as soon as you step outside the front door it gets complicated . . .

Walk into any coffee shop, bar or cinema, and making the right decision becomes a challenge; The Right Bite is here to help. With accessible, practical advice for all those everyday occasions, you can make the smart choice even when healthy options are limited.

Each chapter focuses on a different eating environment – from breakfast on the go to a family barbecue. For each situation The Right Bite explores the type of foods likely to be available and compares them, explaining the main health pitfalls and highlighting top picks.

• Understanding Key Nutrients introduces you to the basics of a good diet
• Nutrition Numbers let you compare and weigh up your options instantly
• The Right Bite panel allows you to immediately pick the healthiest choice
• Fact Boxes scattered throughout give you extra tips and expert advice

Written by an experienced nutritional therapist – so you know that you are getting savvy advice – and small enough to slip in your bag, this is the one-stop guide for anyone wanting to eat healthily in the real world.


This book is published by Nourish on 17th March and is available for purchase from Amazon UK.  I received an advance copy from the publisher via netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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