Utterly charming!

charm bracelet

What an utterly charming book.  Sorry for the pun, but it’s so appropriate.

From the outset I was beguiled by this tale. I’d spotted it and thought it would offer me an easy read. I was wrong – it was an easy read but it was so much more!

The strong characterisations, the anecdotes and the family advice laid good foundations. The intricacies of the individual charms added real warmth to the story. This stirred my imagination and was a great device to create anticipation for the chapters ahead.

It made me think about the messages we give our children and the importance of having fun with them. Our life is all about timetables and activities so from time to time we need to just relax and have fun. Above all, this book exudes warmth and envelops you in a giant hug!

After I finished this book, I discovered that Viola Shipman is a pseudonym for Wade Rouse (an American writer) in memory of his grandmother. I was quite surprised! I had not imagined that this book was written by anyone other than “Viola”; it just shows the power of his words and imagination – and that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (or the name of its author!).

MetLineRating: 4 **** (Jubilee).  Highly recommended.

About this book


Through an heirloom charm bracelet, three women will rediscover the importance of family, love, faith, friends, fun and a passion for living as the magic of each charm changes their lives.

On her birthday each year, Lolly’s mother gave her a charm, along with the advice that there is nothing more important than keeping family memories alive, and that Lolly’s charm bracelet would be a constant reminder of that love.  

Now seventy and starting to forget things, Lolly knows time is running out to reconnect with a daughter and granddaughter whose lives have become too busy for Lolly or her family stories.  But her daughter, Arden, and granddaughter, Lauren, haven’t visited in years and time is running out for Lolly.

Arden couldn’t wait to leave her small town life behind for Chicago, but now divorced and burned out at work, she’s simply trying to make it from day to day. In the rush of life she’s let the years and all the things she once enjoyed slip away. When she receives an unexpected phone call about her mother she must decide if she can face going home.

Over the course of their visit, Lolly reveals the story behind each charm on her bracelet, and one by one the family stories help Lolly, Arden, and Lauren reconnect in a way that brings each woman closer to finding joy, love, and faith. 

A compelling story of three women and a beautiful reminder of the preciousness of family, Viola Shipman’s The Charm Bracelet is a keepsake you’ll cherish long after the final page.


My thanks to the author, St Martin’s Press and Netgalley for an advance copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.  The Charm Bracelet is published today and can be found on Amazon.


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