About me

Welcome to my blog…

I have been reading since I was about 6 years old and I am obsessed with books.  In fact, I’d rather be reading than doing anything else.  “Luckily” I spend a lot of time commuting, so do get the chance to read.

I am a member of THE BookClub which is an international mix of readers, authors and bloggers.  They have introduced me to a wide variety of books and reintroduced me to thrillers after several years of avoiding them.  I am still averse to horror and sci-fi (though like fairytales/fantasy if that’s not a contradiction).  

I have been reviewing books online for several years but only recently decided to start a blog to capture it all in one place.  You can find my back catalogue on Goodreads and I’m also on Twitter too. 

I enjoy trying out new books and new authors; I do like to “mix and match” genres.  I often have access to books before they are published and welcome the opportunity to review most books…  

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For amusement, I will try to use the following ratings:

5 ***** – Metropolitan (of course!)
4.5 stars – Jubilee
4 stars – Piccadilly
3.5 stars – District and Circle 
3 stars – Victoria

Anything less and I may not be writing about it on here!!

Happy reading!
MetLineReader x